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August 16, 2023



Defining who we are, what we do and the contribution we provide in a constantly shifting world...

This is a hard question to get absolute clarity on because we ourselves are constantly evolving and changing. New discoveries, new priorities and new curiosities leave yesterday’s clarifying moment a distant memory. That is the game of life...Just new levels to unlock.

So how does the creative embrace their gifts in a world where most don't understand or see the value of their work? I am going through the process of shifting my professional focus to serve the artist and creative professional.

Aug 16 2023



You say you're open, but you're really not. You're excited to share, yet never do. You've made new discoveries, but stick with what's familiar.

That's because what’s true for you is not always aligned with your actions.

As creatives, the opportunity is for you is to lean in and put yourselves, your thoughts and your work out there for more people to interact with.

Today I want to talk about truth and having your ideas challenged

Aug 18 2023



As an artist, I think the biggest opportunity for you and for me is to learn how to tell our story.

To reveal who we really are, the experiences we've gone through, the struggles that have defined us
and the awareness, or confusion that's brought.

The seeds of doubt that have settled in, the influences that directed our focus, the deeper restlessness that continues to go unresolved and the parallels between what's true and what's been manufactured.

This is far from easy work though.

Aug 21 2023



If the objective is to live your life by your design, then you should consider asking yourself this question

Who do I want to be known as and know myself to be?
Aug 23 2023



Some say we're spending about 82hrs/week consuming and collecting information.

That's a staggering 69% of our waking hours. That's a lot of time and a lot of information. How do we make sense of it all? How do we keep track of the stuff that's meaningful to us?

This episode explores the practice of sense making and personal knowledge management.

Aug 30 2023



Picture this, you’re having a stroke. The left side of your brain is turning off. You’re leaving the linear external world. Your identity is gone. Your ability to communicate is gone

All your past memories and your future aspirations, poof! And for 8 years you navigate pure bliss, free of morality, judgement and the need to adapt to our environment

Let’s explore that for a moment...


My Stroke of Insight


Whole Brain Living by Jill Taylor Bolte


Sep 5 2023



Artists and creatives seek freedom in their work, but often feel paralyzed. This stems from the interplay between control and integrity.

💡 Control: The Power to Influence

  • Stability & Predictability
  • Efficiency & Flexibility

🔍 Integrity: Honesty & Authenticity

  • Authenticity & Connection
  • Longevity & Meaning

Finding balance can be challenging, as these forces sometimes clash. Embrace both control and integrity on your creative journey.

Sep 11 2023

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