February 13, 2020

Happiness in Hospitality is Not Something You Chase

It just comes If you’re willing to play.
It’s a long game that requires patience and a whole lot of commitment. Nothing is certain despite our best efforts to guide and direct it and happiness and living your life your way, while available to everyone is not something we’ll all achieve because we get caught up in the story of how it was supposed to go.

Over drinks Jeff and I dig into his wandering journey inside the hospitality industry, one he’s been in since his mid 20’s. Despite the fickle nature of the industry, there was something genuine about it that kept him curiously exploring and never settling on “the thing”.

We speak about the traps that are in place by our industries, cultures and upbringings that can keep you in a place of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled with a sense of something missing.

You couldn’t have a better dude on a podcast called Over Drinks.
As always Jeff Jamieson brings his beverage ‘A’ game.

Today’s episode is sponsored by
2 new Calgary Breweries
Cabin and 88 Brewing.
88 is a nod to everything that was great about the 80’s in Calgary.

Shout out to Mark Rimmer and Bamf studio design, the graphic designer behind the 88 Olympics style design.

88 and Proof are doing a collaboration together. A barrel aged sour, cocktail style beer. Be sure to follow them as that product matures and becomes ready to wet our palettes.

And if you’ve never been to Proof on 4th, you’re missing out on some great cocktails and a great ambience. I love what they’re doing there.

We start off the episode with Cabin’s pale ale.


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