I've worked as an entrepreneur and creative professional for 15 years. And I've come to accept that the traditional paradigm of business is just not setup to support the creative potential of human beings. The process lacks the special care and attention to make sure we don't kill off creativity.

that's why i'm here

To guide you and unleash you into the world, helping you to own the compelling narrative that you're here to share with the world.

As your dedicated observer, I am here to remind you of what makes you special and unique on your journey of showing up as who you say you want to be. We will improve the pragmatic performance side of your process that unleashes your creative potential.

With these principles of practicality optimized, the work to do is to create. To express your point of view and share your body of work with an expanded level of confidence and belief in yourself. Together we will decide what to focus more on and what to ignore. The ultimate outcome being more time to do what it is you love to do.


Deeply thoughtful and introspective. He is honest and humble. His intellect and insight can be intense and his passion is palpable. He has a deep desire to bring out the best in everyone around him and to challenge each one of us to be a better, brighter version of ourselves.

Jennifer Hood