This is mine.

UNLEASHING the next generation
of visionaries and difference makers

I believe in stepping up and being known, being heard for the real ripples we’ve wanted to make. The problem is we all keep playing it safe.
There is something you could be doing, want to be doing, but not doing because your circumstances have stopped you dead in your tracks. 

For 20 years of my life I was doing everything everyone else thought I should do.
I accumulated baggage, found myself paralyzed, left uncertain of what to do next - attempting to be open to what could be, yet missing the opportunity. 

I was not in the driver's seat. No the weak, feeble alter ego, breeder of self doubt was running through the motions left to cruise on autopilot. 

I grappled with my Goliath in secret, feeling guilt, feeling shame. The conflicting inner dialogue, feeling weighed down by the stories that dictated the steps to take. 

My defining moment…Was not the time when I had woken up from the grand mal seizure the tumor in my brain ignited. It wasn’t even when I barely made it out of that house fire, I wish it would have been when I waved to my would be wife, Or that time the twins were born.

And no it was not during that phase I was in the courtroom looking at the faces of my brothers killers when they fessed up. No... Life’s epiphanies are not laid out in front of you like in the movies.

They’re subtle, complicated, and deep - shrouded in cocky fogginess. Your epiphany is hidden between the lines of the main story that is your life.

For you to find, if you don’t mind unraveling the undefined. Look back at what’s been done, at who you were and wanted to be. To achieve what has yet to be achieved, you will have to be and do that what has never been done.

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“Deeply thoughtful and introspective. He is honest and humble. His intellect and insight can be intense and his passion is palpable. He has a deep desire to bring out the best in everyone around him and to challenge each one of us to be a better, brighter version of ourselves.”
Jennifer Hood — Founder of Jump Gymnastics