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my journey
with creativity

A Film by David Schmeikal

This film is my story of the journey and evolving relationship with myself, my creativity, my aspirations and my purpose.

It is a story about embracing what it means to be human in business and life. It is a story with a lesson; to lean in and let go of who we are not, so we can do the work of fully embracing who we really are and what we're here to do as a human, being, and doing things - all sorts of things.

Business things, creative things, meaningful things, important things.

deep down we're all
artists, creators & builders

What I mean is you're a builder of interesting ideas and here to create something that brings value to this world and be seen as who you really are.

It lives in you.

We all have a story. The main story of our life.
Where we are the hero tasked to take up the challenge bestowed upon us. Namely living our life to the fullest potential of our ability. This story is yours to uncover and can only be told by you. It is a story worth connecting deeply to and worthy of sharing with others.

the invitation

I am inviting you, if you're curious... to embark on a journey with me and invest fully in your creative potential.

To uncover who you really are, the impact you desire to make in your life and in the world. To push beyond what it is you think you need to be, based on everyone else's rules.
To share your passions, your point of view, your story to the world.


I am an eclectic creator.
I find myself exploring many topics and investing my time across a variety of efforts and interests.

Every month I share a personal perspective about the challenges and discoveries we/I face as human beings on our journey to live a more purposeful & creative life. The process we go through to uncover, distill and be recognized for the original value and point of view we bring.

I think so many of us miss out on the opportunity to go deep with another human being.
We either don't know how, don't feel like we can or have the space to do so if we wanted to. I would love to hear from you.