elevate your event with performance poetry

A timeless form of storytelling that creates connection, opens minds and leaves a trail of inspired human's in its wake.
create a space for inspiration

transformational experiences

  • Every word spoken sparks inspiration and leaves a lasting impact long after the event is over.

resonance and alignment

  • Bespoke poetry to give voice to the essence of your initiative, encourage deeper connections and meaningful conversations.

critical thinking and introspection

  • Prompt personal reflection, growth and the incubation of fresh perspectives.

It really takes a next level of intention to create something people will react to and truly remember.

The chaos and relentless noise of our modern existence, drowns out your message and struggles to keep people engaged.

Without meaningful engagement and a lasting resonance, your event risks fading into the background, the transformational potential of your audience left unfulfilled.

My poetry prompts introspection and inspires critical thinking with the intention to enable audiences to rediscover themselves. Channeling the timeless magic of storytelling to bridge divides, open hearts and spark positive change.

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"You keep pushing me and not letting me quit. I didn't realize how much I needed you in my corner and can't thank you enough for your honesty, your inspiration and your genius."
Jennifer Hadley
"David is eloquent and provoking, inspiring and deeply passionate, interwoven in all that is a rare compassion and understanding...which he is always working to further develop."
Nicole Hartley Bradford
"Working with David has been one the best professional experiences of my life. A TRUE approach and personal journey that Is unlike anything I have taken part in. Finding purpose in life and business is incredibly undervalued and I want to thank David for guiding me in to this deep dive. The future is much clearer and brighter today than it was yesterday."
Adrian Urlacher
"He is beside you, meeting you where you are and nudging you with forward momentum. He is also holding space for you to be as you need to be in the moment. He brings awareness to your vision and goals for the future even when you feel disconnected from them. He consistently reminds you of who you are in this world, to show up and that you matter."
Josephine Tite
Positive Pyschologist
"This process changed everything. The outcomes of this work became the visual evidence I needed to be reminded of what would keep me on track and expanding forward."
Heather Spurrell
Writer, Relationship Coach
"He met me with compassion, determination, productive impatience, formative inquiry, exceptional wisdom, deep respect, unfailing nimbleness, impressive resources and willingness to jump right in. When my belief wavered, he kept the sanctuary candle burning."
Richard Bucher
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