May 4, 2021

How To Be With Your Spicy Self

I have a cat in heat for a second time (back to back with a very short, 2 week buffer). If you’ve experienced this before, you will understand. If you haven’t, you’ve been warned, and be ready to accept responsibility for how it’s going to go.

How aware are you of those nagging voices that are constantly crying out? Constantly demanding attention, not knowing why they are demanding your attention yet continuing to demand for your attention.

Do you ever have those voices, those thoughts that pull on you in multiple directions at once?
How many times do we abdicate that control over to those “powers that be?".
  • We have our ideal picture of how our days or our life, or our conversations should go.
  • We love it when it goes the way we intended.
  • It feels good. 
  • We feel fulfilled. And we look forward to the next time that happens.

But what about those moments when they do not go the way you pictured.

Like not even close to it? At all. What then? Who are we in that space? What do we do, how do we carry ourselves in those moments and what do we make it all mean?

Remember this (if you want):

  • You are more than your reactions in that moment
  • Give yourself the space to just be
  • Get a different perspective

Create yourself newly while still being with those chaotic thoughts and being ok with it all. It is possible. Because you are a human being who is aware of “it”. You understand that you impact not just yourself but everyone around you. And that you have a responsibility to steward yourself.

Because you are not a cat.


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