July 16, 2021

Be a Conduit For What's Next For Others

How can leaders make a bigger difference in their employees lives?

Should leaders be quiet in the shadows and notice what is going on in order to empower whom they are leading? As Leaders, we need to lead by example. If your employees don’t see you living, breathing and acting on your vision; it is not effective, and it’s not empowering. 

It all revolves around building trust, and trust lives in the actions that you take. 

Join me today, as Brian Kroeker, President of Little Rock Printing, shares his insights on being relentless with expectations, the work needed to get where you need to go and his vision for providing the right opportunities for growth for his employees.


  • How can we help our employees move up in their careers even if it’s not with us? 
  • The contrasting experiences of losing and winning shapes our trajectory
  • Step back and let others find the way things work best for them.