August 13, 2021

Do You Actually Relate To Your People?

How can the right leadership navigate the recent, and history repeated, events in order to continue moving forward? There really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ leadership; just misled leaders. Leading and navigating with your team is a process that grows with the amount of obstacles you face and overcome. Trust in an organization and in the public, as we’ll hear in this episode, is an essential element that sprouts from experiences, struggles and the ability as a leader to relate with his people.

It can feel like a hamonic dance yet a constant battle of dealing with problems and discovering solutions.

In a big organization like the government, which is built to go slow and careful, can create a sense of disconnect and unrelatedness to the common people as the world moves faster and faster. Join me today as the youngest  councillor for the city of Calgary, Evan Woolley, shares his insights and knowledge from a curtain many of us are not familiar with.

Key Takeaways:

  • have the audacity to challenge what was said to be “absolute” to say ‘no’ when it was always a yes. 
  • Do natural born leaders really have a better chance at being great leaders than those who learn the skills through experience and failure?
  • What is the secret sauce to be heard? Is being trusting and authentic enough?