June 25, 2021

Entrepreneurship, Fast Cars & Fat Bank Accounts

The game of entrepreneurship keeps you driven and hungry.

Busy building and doing, and rarely with a clear plan. 

At the beginning that's a good thing! 


What better environment to figure things out but rolling up your sleeves and digging in.

While there is always a part of us that wished we would have had MORE support, insight, awareness, mentorship.

Would it have really made the difference?

Would you have lost interest too soon?

Do you think you would have committed as much to doing the necessary work?

Being a leader and building anything is a practice and an evolution.

There is a moving towards and when the time is ready, the desire for a more clearly defined picture of the future (your vision) will emerge.

Join me, as Entrepreneur Advisor, Trainer, Coach & Bestselling Author, Marty Park, shares his insight on VISION, CULTURE and BRAND.


Key episode takeaways

  • The influences of our parental figures with their passions.
  • Advantages of public speaking at a young age.
  • The  dream of fast cars and fat bank accounts, the turning point.
  • Getting to the point of being ready to think bigger, slowing down and taking the time to define what it was they wanted to create (What inspired and motivated them)
  • You can only ever start small to go big. Create the critical touch points to keep the dream alive so you’re ready for the next opportunity.
  • When you’re ready to build, collaborate with others to make it happen.
  • Providing the opportunity to shape society and the future of business.
  • Action comes before motivation, purpose from creation
  • Culture exists, but who’s banging the drum? 
  • Stop the checking off or trying to fit in the box


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