October 23, 2020

E2 So I Married an Entrepreneur

In today's episode we talk about:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • The practice of doing nothing
  • The process of going from good to great (and being ok with sucking during the process)
  • When ego shows up as you work towards your aspirational goals for the future
  • Doing what you love doing, and having it become a viable business
  • Finding your tribe


Maya and David have been in business together for as long as they’ve been married. They are into their 13th year, have been through 6 iterations of their businesses to date, are proud parents of twin 9-year-olds (which they’ve now homeschooling in our “new normal”).

They share what it’s taken to keep their relationship just as much a priority as their family and business ventures.

The strategies they’ve crafted and curated to manage the stress, the inevitable conflict, differences of opinions and facing their fears together...