November 30, 2020

So I Married An Entrepreneur E4

A friend shared something really personal last week.

She did a great job of leading the charge on how to embrace your vulnerable human side powerfully.

She got real and raw and it was needed. Not just for her to do but for the reminder that it provided us. Namely how important it is to have a community of people around you, holding you up when you need it.

And it’s not easy in this COVID world.
Where before my calendars were filled with meetings and I certainly got better at having them be meaningful and not stuck up at the surface. It wasn’t enough. Isn’t enough to truly build community.

And now we’re zooming everywhere.
Responding to the “how are you’s” with “good” and “fine” which we all know is a load of crock, but we all got shit to do and it’s that much easier to miss or ignore.

Welcome to the new normal, you think you were lonely and disconnected before…

Ok...now how are our young people handling all of this?
How do you even find out?
They’re literally living inside of a different reality.
One we have a little context for or experience in.
Not to say there is zero relatedness, but like your parents and your parents, parents It’s a new version of an old problem.

Therein lives the opportunity...nay the responsibility.

We must re-calibrate our families, and not from the typical top-down dictation but in collaboration with our young people.

To do the deeper work...
To have everyone contributing and co-creating the necessary alignment so we can all keep working towards what makes the difference for us as a family.

And remove the assumptions that everyone agrees with what you’re doing.