April 28, 2021

More Financial Advising, Less Selling

Financial Advisors...

They have a direct impact on the livelihoods, future life experiences, and overall emotional wellbeing of their clients. 

Unfortunately, the financial industry as a whole has taken some big hits in the trust space. And it’s brought a level of caution with how we proceed going forward. 

Never mind bringing people together around an aligned cause and purpose in any arena that typically has only the best interests of the few at heart. This takes something. 

But people like Spencer and organizations like Sagium are doing the hard work of making things right and ensuring their client's best interests are served, not the shareholders of the industry. 

On this episode Spencer shares his journey; those actions he took that got him to where he is now and what the leadership team at Sagium has been doing to keep growing strong and succeeding as an organization during uncertain times.

📻 Featured Artists in the episode:

Jontha Links - Pretty Carolina
Nikki Gee feat. Sven Lindvall, Daniel Fridell - I'll Be Gone