Accelerating the Worlds Financial Independence | Ascendant Financial's Vision for the Future

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Accelerating the World's Financial Independence

The team at Ascendant have a big vision and the CEO, Jayson Lowe wants the right people on board that will own their part in creating what's next. That the company's vision is way bigger than any one person, and it's about getting in sync with the value the clients need, that the team needs to deliver.


MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS (Reputation & Influence)

Missing Link:
From likely a lie because it feels too good to be true.
To liberating other people's dreams so they can spend their lives living.

LEADERSHIP & SOCIAL IMPACT (The Difference You're Making)

Missing Link:
From Controlling your freedoms through fiat fodder and farce flavours of fear.
To More pioneers for the people shifting the nation's economy positively and revealing the puppeteers of the global elite peep show.

SPACE & OPERATIONS (Culture and Places)

Missing Link:
From assassins of culture; mansions for one, too many distractions and mass expansions to have any fun.
To boundless borders, in it together doing it for each other with space to relax, reflect and replicate.

PERFORMANCE & SALES (Human's in Business)

Missing Link:
From No access to your dollars, too many limitations while walking on weak foundations.
To Clear of your impact and ready access to your capital. No longer competing but collaboratively co-creating with product producers.


What's your vision of the future? Does it inspire you when things get hard and heavy to move forward? Is the image of that future crafted clearly in your mind? Can you put yourself there? Can you share that vision with others as if it's happening right now? It's powerful when you can clearly articulate the gap between where you're at currently and where you want to be. What comes next is just the next step forward towards that dream.

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