Be Ok With Uncertainty

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November 2, 2021

Be Ok With Uncertainty

I don’t know what the future looks like.
We could be headed for a dystopian nightmare.
The planet could stop working and die.
AI could take over the world.

Or not.

The constant distractions our mind creates keeps the heart from doing what it needs to do - to connect and feel connected to humanity and to one another; to meet another human being where they are. Wherever that might be.

We sometimes ask ourselves, with everything going on, What’s the point of it all?

THAT...IS the point.

And its important.

Regardless of the state of the world and all the conflicting agendas, the value, validity and necessity of our purpose does not expire due to circumstances. There will always be something you’re up against. That which you have a measure of control over and those things we have very little control over.

So. Are you getting lost in a world that is out of your control?

The simple question to ask yourself if the answer is yes is....What can you control?

Worry not about how, Focus on What

Remember Your Mission

Remember that who you are in the world is someone up to something meaningful and worthwhile. It's yours to own and move forward. No one else will. And while we can’t do everything, what we can do, only WE can do.

Oh and that timeline?

It’s longer than we realize. So does it really matter to you? Are you willing to put in the work because the work needs to be done? And because you’re the one to do it? Whatever it is and in whatever capacity you can take it on, don’t forget there is only so many things you yourself can do, and so be sure to ask yourself…

“What will make the difference?”

Leave the busy work of HOW we get so attached to and trapped by.

Get reconnected to WHAT it is you're looking to achieve and remember, there are many ways to achieve your objective.

What got you here, won’t take you there

You could not have possibly accounted for all the discoveries that got you to this moment.

And it rarely looks like we thought it would.

That is not failure, that’s progress. 

This moment is an opportunity to get re-connected to the bigger picture, the bigger purpose in ways you could not have before. You might be quite right that you're not ready. We are rarely truly ready to take the next big leap. But the need to take action always arises out of circumstance. 

And so, you will jump, embracing uncertainty in a way you hadn’t considered before that will also allow others to be ok with the uncertainty in their world too.

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