Spoken Word at The Gathering 2019

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February 22, 2019

Spoken Word at The Gathering 2019

For me, it was a quiet night, not unlike any other.
I found myself pulled to look and re-discover,
the pleasures, treasures and pressures,
of my oppressors, mentors and protectors,
documented through my shoebox of photos and letters.

I was raised with a strong religious mission.
Raised to follow direction and share with those who would listen.
I learned much from being a witness,
There was a richness
to the strictness

It was restricting
at times conflicting…
You’re either in or you’re out.
You're either doubt or you’re devout.
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you,
but don’t get to close,
stick with the few.

I was compelled to commit.
Keep composed within the constraints of their customs,
do not connect or collide too much with those in the outside world.

I was confused by my concerns...
deep down I believed we were capable of finding our way
out of the precious messes we create.
That there was something to be done, not just wait.

And so... I’d collect my comforts, unsatisfied by the answers given.
Driven by my decision and pulled to uncover my own conclusions, 
substituting the institutions with revolutions.

...I am a dreamer and a joker
Bored of the mediocre
And what we’re constantly told to do

The running comparative narrative
don’t forget to keep score,
make sure I have my shit figured out before,
my missed opportunity comes knocking on the door.

Nevermind that, this cat,
has barely had a chance to see what life is for me.
and here I am doing it all, even if I disagree,
just to make everyone else feel better about me?

My frame of mind was confined,
my curiosity for art and design wasn't even defined.

One thing I knew for sure, 
I loved to explore...
the walls of pencils and pens at the art store.

The sweet smell is one you can’t ignore,
You know where you are,
the second you walk in the door.
So...You think you can chase, and embrace what it takes ?

Your path, your choice

But....to be in the world of art + communications bro,
means you must learn to communicate, regardless of the implications
so don’t just read theory from textbooks and storybooks.
We need to engage in looks with each other on life’s theatre stage.
Try your hardest to be present…and not disengage.

We play with the toys of creation,
inside the world of communication.

We workout our creative muscles,
Everyday we shuffle, to unlock the puzzle.
Just a suggestion,
for you chillin' and willin' to look at this anew.

Challenge a notion,
create a commotion,
toy with an emotion…
or two.

And just perhaps,
you can do your part to fill the gaps, and traps of society and culture.
Make a positive impact on another.
And really connect with your sister and brother.

Get to know your neighbor,
savor the flavor.
Ignore the haters,
and be their saviour.

Connect... in such a deep and profound way
They’ll never feel forgotten, led astray or hideaway.
You see....
To be gotten...
that is a dream many stand in awe of,
like a pond abandoned by the river, the plot of...
being too insightful, too careful, too concerned of what you’ll be thought of…

For most of my life,
even now…
I struggle to connect,
to relate and debate with others.
And I’m clear I love to connect direct, when I relate to others.

The opportunity?
Teach trees about their roots.
Remove those that pollute.

As you relate + engage in this developmental age,
be different on life’s stage,
and dare to care to inspire another.

What fuels you? This truer view?
What drives you? I wonder...

Your journey can be rich,
If you can let go and forgive yourself.
Let go of the secrets you keep and scare you,
take that leap as steep as it is deep and break through.
Avoid what you’re used to.
Create a new world view to live up to.
Know you will reap what you sow.

The most radical choice we can make is to decide to take the door that we intuitively feel will fuel our dreams.
Whether it’s where you are,
what you decide to do, or
Who you choose to have around you...
choose powerfully and with certainty to close the doors that prevent you from focusing on what matters for you.

Time is ours to do with what we please to turn our dreams into sourceful missions and values that drive value in this world.
In the end,
It’s your path, your choice.

And Today? Today is a new day, a great day in every way, 
it’s here to stay so will you make it play?
It will not be like yesterday, no action replay
And it cannot be tomorro, so don’t play in the sorro…
There are no better days, just today’s.

Today is ready for me and the next chapter in my story.

I am ready to explore it, I will not ignore it or store it for a better time,
because today is a good day, to be a good day by my design.
Today is a day to hold for me the space to feel good(a), and remove all conditions that can be misunderstood.
To sample life and what it has to offer, exploring what brought her, what taught her and applaud her, like she was my son or daughter.

Today is a good day and I honor you my brother on this day.
Today is a day void of condition and full of appreciation.
Today is a time to be overjoyed for this generation of conversation, and determination.
Today is a day for celebration. 

Today is a good day…
I am tuned into who I really am, 
I will look for reasons to feel good and I will find them.

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