Free Yourself. Take a Step.

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September 29, 2021

A mentor who I consider to be blessed and honored to have in my corner of guardians told me plainly…
“There is no reason why someone like you isn’t knocking life and business out of the park. It’s clear how much this world needs you. So what will you do?”

It was a rhetorical question of course. Because what he was pointing to was to make sure that I don’t do what I’ve always done, cloaking those actions with a shiny coat of words-smithed to appear different and new.

Free Yourself. Take a Step.

You might feel like this year has not been easy.
But it could be the biggest opportunity if you choose it to be.
A milestone for a new way of being in this world. To do the necessary work of ensuring that you are moving ahead, further away from the traps of your old predictable patterns and behaviors. 

To rise up and pace, stride for stride the human you know yourself to be.

I know when I am in my zone of excellence. It’s nothing short of magical.

How I do what I do becomes undeniable. But in that window of celebrating; feeling like I have arrived is all that’s needed to give my old beliefs time to come back in and resume their covert control.

In those moments, I allow myself to over commit. 
In those moments, I rest for longer than is necessary.
In those moments, I distract myself and pull away from the action of channeling and stewarding my creative abilities; waiting instead for a “better time” to take it on.
In that moment, I lose track of what makes me, me. A 1,000 people could be lined up to tell me otherwise and I would still not see the action to take that would make the difference…
Instead I would be left wondering why...surprised by how the circumstances unfolded the way they did, that left me in an unexpected and undesirable situation, yet again.

It’s my groundhog day. And while no two unfold the same way, the outcomes always are.

In those moments I become riddled with uncertainty, no longer moving; seemingly trapped on the edge of a dark abyss that goes on forever. And there I stay for a time as I work to strategize ideas and leverage my creativity to build something that will get me to the other side. Of which all sorts of precarious makeshift structures are born disguised as progress and innovation.
But I am committed and I will invest a significant amount of time, energy and attention towards these efforts in hopes that this time it will work. Because in the past, depending on the size of the gap, they have.

But this time things are different.
Everything is different. 
What’s gotten me to this point, just is not going to get me over there.
No, this time the action is to free myself of HOW I think things need to go. Allowing for the first time in a very long time, for a fresh perspective that is unattached to the outcome…

And so there I stand on the edge of oblivion.
Seeing the world once again from a place of possibility, I courageously decide to take my step forward, freeing myself from the all consuming darkness of uncertainty...
My foot touches stone that I could have sworn wasn't there before.


You can make your mark in the world if you allow yourself the space to step into who you know yourself to be now and for the future. It’s scary, much like taking that step, but when our actions are aligned with the new behaviours that honor our aspirational self, magic happens by our design.

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