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May 22, 2023

We make meaning of everything around us. This work of meaning making is part of what distinguishes human being from all other forms of life we're aware of, and yet most of the time, for many of us, we're not even aware its happening.

That is until we interact with an aesthetic experience that invites us to tap into our sensibility and judgement. And if we allow it, we're then consumed by it, even if only for a short while. It could be a painting, a piece of literature, a sculpture, a photo, a building, a film or music.

The function of creativity and providing mediums that give and ask of us to be reflective, is to bring up a question and to then stand back and criticize what we might think is significant. It's a way for us to think and feel that it's actually possible to make sense of the world around us. That clarity and certainty is what we constantly seek.

If you've ever told or listened to a heartfelt story, doodled something or made note of an idea on a piece of paper you have embraced the artist inside you. In whatever form, it was the emergence of a story waiting to be shared.

And story is a fundamental element to informing others of the interests that live deep within our humanity and what matters to us. It is how we evoke emotion and excite the senses.

When willing and brave enough to express ourselves, we bring attention to social and cultural constructs, we explore the myths of our world and challenge (or acknowledge) the perceived truths that dictate our actions (or inaction).

The act of expressing oneself creatively is to believe in your creative potential.


Everyone has their own path and embracing that, is the first thing to accept as you take steps forward.

  1. Tell your own story: It is one you know well if you would only give yourself over to the process of remembering and embracing it, you could uncover what’s true for you.
  2. Develop your network: Curate a collection of people driven by their own desire to curiously create. It's not hard to continue with your own creative pursuits, when those around you keep creating too.
  3. Learn and get support: See what they do, listen to what they say; the stories, struggles and celebrations. Adapt their rituals into your life. Ask questions. Be curious.
  4. Pursue self-exploration: Adopt a growth mindset; view all abilities and talents as learnable. Experiment and take risks. Continue your efforts despite the challenges and roadblocks and be curious instead of feeling threatened by them.
  5. Balance exploration with exploitation: Exploitation is the deep investment on execution, refinement and efficiency. If you spend too much time here, you might fall into the success trap and experience arrival syndrome. There is a balance to strike between mastery and innovation.
  6. Build systems that evolve ideas: An idea is only as good as the systems that supports it. If you are not effectively capturing them, you will forget them. Create in a way that allows you to archive your ideas. Make time to explore and revitalize these ledgers of your history, and build a practice of reviewing and connecting old ideas together. See what might spark as new projects.

Will you allow yourself to believe in your creative potential? Will you give space for curiosity, just because? What would your world look like if you just gave yourself permission to create something, anything and then stay focused on the experience of it all?

It's your superpower.

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