My Defining Moment

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September 14, 2021

My Defining Moment

This was a piece I produced last year. It was inspired by a conversation I had with an incredible man, Matt Gagnon. If you don’t know who he is, be sure to check him out.

I believe that now more than ever we need to step up, be known and be heard for the real ripples we’ve always wanted to make.

 The problem is we all keep playing it safe.

Playing it small. 

Regardless of where you’re at, there is something you could be doing, likely want to be doing, are not doing because your story and your circumstances have stopped you dead in your tracks. 

For 20 years of my life I was doing everything everyone else thought I should do.

I did many things... 

accumulated a lot of baggage, 

devised many plans,

experienced many moments, ran through the motions

enticed by many interests, interrupted most of them 

found myself paralysed and preoccupied. 

left uncertain and unclear of what to do next. 

desperately looking for the nuggets 

attempting to be open to what it could be, 

yet missing many opportunities.


I was not in the driver's seat,

Sitting on the side, fumbling

No the weak and feeble alter ego, the naysayer and breeder of self doubt was. 

On borrowed time, running through the motions 

Not really living, but cruising through life on autopilot.

I grappled with my Goliath in secret, flailing and feeling guilty, not even knowing I was.

The conflicting inner dialogue, fighting but weighed down nightly by the stories and beliefs that gripped so tightly and dictated the steps to take.

My defining moment…

Was not the time when I had woken up from the grand mal seizure the tumor in my brain ignited, 

The stories of a forever changed future, you can forget doing the most simple things, like walking down the street. Or eating solid foods. Expect to eat from a straw. 

It wasn’t even when I barely made it out of that house fire, 

I wish it would have been when I waved to my would be wife 

Or all those grins that time when the twins were born

And no it was not during that phase I was in the courtroom looking at the faces of my brothers killers when they fessed up..


I’m clear life’s epiphanies are not clean and laid out in front of you like in the movies. 

They’re more subtle and discreet than that, 

richer and more complicated than that, 

heavier and deeper than that.

They are shrouded in a haughty and cocky fogginess.

Oh the web of work it weaves.

Your epiphany is hidden between the lines of the main story that is your life.

For you to find, if you don’t mind unraveling the undefined.

For me it came when I looked back at what’s been done,

what I achieved, 

what I avoided, 

what I didn’t pursue or left alone.


When I looked at who I was and who I wanted to be,

I saw that to achieve that which I’ve not yet achieved,
I would have to be and do that which I’ve never done.  

Choice... there’s always one to take

And a fulfilling and meaningful life begins when I celebrate the decisions I make.

Purpose...mine is to make ripples, to lead the charge, create cool shit that shows others the way to be better, brighter, braver, broader, sisters and brothers 

To challenge the stories and beliefs that prevent you from doing what really matters to you.


Whether personally or professionally you owe it to yourself and the impact that’s still, and sitting. 

Waiting and wishing to be realized.

It starts with committing to clearly defining a creative, likely crazy, yet compelling vision of the future.

And then to step out and be seen, soon.

Now is the time.

Don’t settle. 

The world will miss out on your greatness.

Music composed by Craig Addey

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