Hook + Ladder's 10 Year Vision

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December 29, 2020

Strategic Dreamers & Intuitive Value Creators

A behind the scenes conversation with Caleb Clark about what was going on in his business, where it was going, how that affected him personally and what came out of having gone through the development of his big dream and guiding document.

"I had no clear idea of what the experience was going to look like but my assumption was that we would come out the other side with a commonly shared vision, values, mission etc for once. I thought that it would be all figured out in one session." - Caleb

MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS (Reputation & Influence)

The Difference:
Avoid Denying who we are and feeding the illusion with tactics and strategies that spread lies and confusion.
Embody Taking your own risks, blazing your own trail in business, keeping true to the human being's within us.

LEADERSHIP & SOCIAL IMPACT (Social Responsibility)

The Difference:
Avoid Caught in self denial and feeling disrespected. Unable to separate old views and beliefs, feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and dejected.
Emobdy Reminding people they are special. Teaching them how to be happy and successful because this is who we are and how we do what we do.

SPACE & OPERATIONS (Culture and Places)

The Difference:
Avoid No fun, doing mediocre work for money with mindless and moody people you don't trust.
Embody A connected wall of windows into our world. Vibrant activities full of fun, flow and high impact.

PERFORMANCE & SALES (Human's in Business)

The Difference:
Avoid Trust and traction blocked and barricaded. Engaging strangers with fragile pitches and proposals for the future.
Embody You do what needs to be done to create excellence, and so strong long term relationships with you takes precedence.


The Hook and Ladder Dream of the Future
What's your vision of the future? Does it inspire you when things get hard and heavy to move forward? Is the image of that future crafted clearly in your mind? Can you put yourself there? Can you share that vision with others as if it's happening right now? It's powerful when you can clearly articulate the gap between where you're at currently and where you want to be. What comes next is just the next step forward towards that dream.

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