The Creative Block is Bullshit

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May 8, 2023

I can't even begin to count how many times I've stopped myself from exploring with that story. Yet, it happened over and over and over again. And I was ok with labeling a momentary hesitation as something bigger that I could not overcome.

So what's the issue?

How do we push past that?

The issue is ironic. We experience creative blocks because we've not been creating. If you were producing something, anything, every day there would be no creative block.

Because every time you create, new ideas come forth.

The simple answer then? Go create and be creative.


  1. Build a ritual for getting ready to create. Put on music, clean your studio (a cluttered space clutters the mind), set the scene for your session.
  2. Move your body and change your state. Tony Robbins uses this all the time for himself and for his participants in his programs. Its hard to not feel ready when you're intentionally moving your body.
  3. Experiment and do not be afraid to just completely destroy the perfectly untouched blank canvas.
  4. Define your intention. What's your desired outcome? Why? How will you? Knowing this gives clear direction for execution. This does not have to be the first thing you do either. It could happen mid-way through, give yourself permission to flow where the idea and execution meet. And don't forget to write it down.
  5. Focus in on a part of the process. We forget that it is the act of creating, not the end result that fulfills us. From of mixing paint, to sharpening pencils or prepping canvas'. Reconnect to the sensory experience that colours, smells, textures and sounds deliver.

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