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June 18, 2021

Without fail we can count on things always changing.

Whether its life, our circumstances, our environments, our businesses or our own selves, things change that we anticipate and look forward to and things change that we did not anticipate and do not look forward to.

That is great news!

That means there is no shortage of areas to explore, understand, improve on or remove. It's especially exciting for those of us who are ready to venture forward and take on creating what's next.

Unfortunately, the majority are not. Ready that is.

They justify and rationalize their places and positions in life. And in doing so, stay unchanged inside of an ever changing environment.

Sometimes it's necessary to ground ourselves in the familiar and the predictable as a way for us to counter the changes that do not serve us or the world positively.

The key is to be able to distinguish those and be empowered to take action when maintaining status quo no longer serves us, our communities or humanity for the better.

In fact it is inside of an embracing of the readiness of change where we are able to make our biggest impact, personally or professionally.

They keep as alert, focused and interested.

They allow for innovation and improvements to ripple out so that our businesses, technologies, services, and infrastructures can continue to be relevant to the needs of the now and of the unknown future.

If you seek to make a positive impact sustainably and profitably, yet struggle with the strategies and tactics of the past conflicting with the new ways of thinking and doing business we should chat

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