Where were you the day before September 9.11?

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September 10, 2019

September (9.11) was a significant date for every person on this planet.

Some more than others, but regardless we were all impacted by the events that unfolded in New York at the World Trade Centre.

On that day I was given an opportunity and while at the time I would not have considered that to be true, the fact is I was/am here for something bigger.

These traumatic moments in our lives are our greatest teachers and mentors if you allow them to be.

I still find myself justifying my inactions and some wait for their entire existence for what's next or for the right time to pursue their big idea or dream.

I like to remind myself of the treasure that is life. Remembering what I have and not giving my attention to what's missing.

It doesn't always work and I fail often but consistency is key here. This will be my greatest achievement.

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